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Our partners include China's five state-owned Banks and some commercial Banks, etc.
         Standard Chartered Bank based in London, the Bank of England. It has operations in many countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, customers in the UK is very small, 2004, 30% of its profits come from Hong Kong. The parent company of Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Group Limited on the London Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is also a London FTSE 100 index constituent stocks.
         Bank of China, the full name of the Bank of China Co., Ltd. is China's large state-controlled commercial banks, was founded in 1912. Bank of China's businesses cover commercial banking, investment banking and insurance group include BOC Hong Kong, BOC International, Bank of insurance holding financial institutions worldwide to individual and corporate clients with comprehensive and quality financial services. By tier one capital, Bank of China in 2008 in the UK "Banker"magazine "the world 1000 banks" ranked 10th in the series.
       Agricultural Bank of China resumed in February 1979 set up headquarters in Beijing. As of the end of 2007, with offices in mainland China 24,452, while in Singapore, Hong Kong has branches in London, Tokyo, New York, and representative offices, and employs 447,519 people.


           After nearly 50 years of reform and development, China Construction Bank has had the strength to compete in domestic and foreign markets. 6 at the end of 2004, the total size of 3.7228 trillion yuan of assets, liabilities total size of 3.5223 trillion yuan. Capital adequacy ratio reached 8.17%. Inside and outside the calibration according to statistics, the balance of 65.71 billion yuan non-performing loans, non-performing loans was 3.08%, reaching 3-5% of the CBRC required standards. Domestic and foreign business branches 15,401, of which six overseas branches and 2 overseas representative offices. 26.3 million in the bank's regular employees.


          Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was established in January 1, 1984, is headquartered in Beijing, the Chinese mainland's largest bank. The bank specialized in the exercise of People's Bank of China, the central bank functions, but also isolated from the People's Bank of China's specialized banks.
          As China's largest commercial bank. The end of 2005 the total assets of 6,457,239,000,000 yuan. 2003 British "Banker"magazine by a sort of capital, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China among the world's top 1,000 banks in the sixteenth consecutive five short-listed U.S. "Fortune" Global 500, by the U.S. "Far Eastern Economic Review" Rated as high-quality Chinese products (services) the top ten.


          Founded in April 8, 1987, is the first enterprise legal person shares entirely by joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Shenzhen. Established by the China Merchants Group Limited, and 18.03%, the largest shareholder of any of its stake. Since the establishment of China Merchants Bank has carried out four to increase their investment, and in March 2002 successfully issued 1.5 billion common shares on April 9 listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600036), is the first Adoption of international accounting standards of listed companies.


         Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, abbreviated as SPD BANK), SSE: 600000, People's Republic of a joint-stock bank, called the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank on August 28, 1992 approved by the People's Bank of China, was established in October 1992 and in January 9, 1993 officially opened. Head office located in Shanghai. Registered capital of 56.6134 million yuan. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is currently in more than 20 cities in mainland China set up a branch