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JBYD-S2800 One and a half pocket note counter

  • JBYD-S2800
  • JBYD-S2800
  • JBYD-S2800
  • JBYD-S2800
  • JBYD-S2800
  • JBYD-S2800
Item Code:One and a half pocket note counter Features:
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Based on special CMOS graphic technology, the one and a half pocket note counter S-2800 is the all in one solution aiming at high-end international market for baking machines.


Technical Specifications


Counting Speed

≥1000 sc/min (including the serial number recognition mode)

Input Hopper Capacity

500 pcs

Output Stacker Capacity

Main pocket Capacity —200 cs

Reject Pocket Capacity —50 pcs

Document Size Limit

Max,100x185mm approx.

Display Type

3.2 Inch 260000 color TFT

Power supply

100—240V AC,50/60 Hz

Power Consumption




Date Output

PC or printer through serial port or USB connection

Net Weight



320(D) *300(W)*320(H)




Special MG sensor for military use adopted to collect the full frame of MG image on the banknotes. Which greatly enhances the capacity and reliability of counterfeit detection for most of the currency in the world?


General features of the similar models in the market, .including the different countering modes(single/mixed, count)and separation modes(face, orientation and new/old etc…)


Fast and terrible recognition of serial number and denomination through CMOS and processing chip of 720 MHz. (Optional)


Detection through UV, IR,(IR image and characteristics)MG (MG image and characteristics),mute—spectrum image etc…


Very user–friendly interface with two customized keys on the front panel to satisfy the different and personalized needs of settings from the users.

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