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Currency Counter LD-4000 Series Front Feeding Model

  • Currency Counter LD-4000 Series LD-4000UVMG
  • Currency Counter LD-4000 Series LD-4000UVMG
Item Code:Front Feeding Model Features:With all-around improved mechanical structure, this model aims at conquering the high-end international market.
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Recommendation Point:   ★★★★★



Remark from the manufacturer:    

One of our most classic models.  It has been one of our best sellers ever since the beginning of this century.    The machine head can be completely lifted by pressing the button at the back of the machine, so that the jammed banknotes can be easily taken out, and the mechanism also ensures the stability of the machine head.



Technical Specifications:



Counting Speed

600-1000-1500-1800 bills/minute

Countable Paper Size

50×80 ~ 95×190 mm; thickness: 0.06 – 0.2mm

Preset Batch Number

Ten digits batch keypad, or 100,10 and 1,optional

Hopper Capacity

450pcs (new banknotes)

Stacker Capacity

Approx.200 bills

Display modes:

High-light LCD display

Power Source

240V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Preset Batch Number:

ten numeric keys from 0 to 9

Net Weight



240×266×238 mm



     The highest counting speed can go up to 1800pcs/min, raising the efficiency of the    machine to the maximum.

     SMPS (switch mode power supply) installed enables the machine to adapt to any voltages     or  voltage fluctuation in any countries.

     Easier installation than any of our previous models.





  →  Quality guarantee for as long as THREE years


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