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The type of the currency counting machine

Currency counting machine is a machine that is the most important money, whether it is the accumulation of loose collection of notes or coins. Counter may be purely mechanical or electronic components. Machine usually provides the total number of all the money, or turn off specific batch count the size of packaging and storage.


Commonly used in vending machines, cash registers, to determine what amount of money has been customer deposits.


In some modern automatic teller machines, so there is no money in the currency counter cash deposits, which they can identify the number of bills have been inserted replacement. Notes users have the opportunity to review the number and type of automatic counters into the thinking of the deposit is complete.


A coin sorter machine is a device to separate random collection of boxes of various coins of various denominations. Coin sorting machine is usually specific to the different values are often given the same size coins of different currencies in some countries currency. Sorting machine is usually not an attempt to count and provide numerous coins only be passed by the counter set.