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A heavy duty and high speed coin counter

Weight based counting systems exist that can count both notes and coins on the same machine but are normally used to count smaller volumes of notes and do not sort or check for counterfeit or damaged notes.

Weight based bill counter do not examine each note or coin separately but work by using finely calibrated loadcells to weigh a number of notes or coins and using a stored weight to perform a calculation to determine the quantity of pieces it has been presented with. These machines often use complex equations to take into consideration the natural variation between individual notes or coins.

Weight based bill counters tend to be small in size so are often used on the desktops of bank tellers to check customer deposits or withdrawals or by retailers to count money on the shop floor. Although the capability of coin sorter machines varies by model, typically they can count both notes and coins and check standard bank bundles or bags/rolls of coin to ensure that they are correct.
CS-50 Coin Counter is a heavy duty and high speed coin counter. It's has motorized hopper to control the flux of coins.  And it's suitable for international coins and tokens.