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Currency counters are widely used

Currency counters are widely used throughout the financial industry to count large sums of money. A sophisticated money counter can determine the value of assorted currency while detecting counterfeit bills. While cash counters can handle large sums of money quickly, debris from currency quickly builds up in the counter and will lead to jams or miscounts. Frequent cleaning of money counters will ensure correct bill counts and decrease the frequency of machine jams and false-positive counterfeit readings.

If you want to clean the counters,you should take attention to:
Unplug the cash counter. Clean all exterior surfaces with a dry lint-free cloth. Clean any visible dust from surrounding area.Open the faceplate of the money counter. Carefully brush the rollers to remove any caked-on dust. Remove remaining dust with a dust remover spray. Close the faceplate.Gently turn the money counter on its side, allowing access to the bottom of the machine. Remove dust from the visible rollers with dust-remover spray. Return machine to its upright position.Plug the Currency counter back in and turn the machine on. Unwrap the currency-cleaning card and place in the machine's feeder. Press the start button, allowing the cleaning card to work its way through the machine.